Opening on Friday, 5 April 2024, from 6 pm
The artist will be present.
7 pm introduction
Our neighbours Dr. Kerstin Hengevoss-Dürkop and Mikiko Sato will also be opening their new exhibitions that evening!

Exhibition duration until 4 May 2024

Image: Sea Territories #17, 2024, Archival pigment print, 76 x 54 cm

Astrid Busch's work includes installations, photographs, works on paper, objects and moving images. The starting point for her works are mostly architectural designs, which she analyses in terms of their sensory perceptibility and their effect on people. The motifs refer to found and self-generated images, which are transformed and altered in their dimensions and then translated into space under complex lighting conditions on various image carriers or further developed as sculptures. By folding, creasing or crumpling, each work is given its own sound. Through this sculptural intervention, the work gains three-dimensionality and can now take up space. Different media and time levels are linked, creating a dense network of references and a variety of possible readings.

"Mapping Mysteries" is the first joint solo exhibition and focuses on two current series of works: With "Sea Territories", the artist expands her preoccupation with harbours and container shipping worldwide and the increasing traffic at sea. She develops fictitious territories, self-composed areas that are reminiscent of maps, water maps, paths and borders, but also open up to freely composed, painterly images that suggest an openness contrary to the character of territories.
The title of the second series, "/imagine", refers to the prompt that serves as the basis for the creation of AI images. Some of these motifs were created by superimposing structures created using artificial intelligence with materials and other images in her studio. Here she has condensed pictorial motifs by merging concepts that the artist considers relevant to our financial system, its fragility and also its dangers, for example.
Astrid Busch was born in Krefeld in 1968 and lives in Berlin and Düsseldorf. She studied fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, most recently as a master student of Prof. Katharina Grosse.