Antje Blumenstein - tactics of lines
Objects and paperworks
Opening on Friday, 13. November 2020, 6pm

Duration: 14. November til 9. Dezember 2020

Antje Blumenstein's work is divided into series in which, in addition to different materials and techniques, various topics and questions are dealt with. These groups of works can be interrupted and continued at a later point in time so that they can mutually influence and develop over a long period of time, as in a conversation.
The title tactics of lines is dedicated to her current work with oil on canvas, neon light, aluminum, acrylic and hand-folded paper. All groups of works are characterized by geometry, reduction and a clear formal composition. In the canvas paintings, geometric surfaces are superimposed, which are built up by several layers of translucent oil paint and in which the artist generally examines the creation processes as a productive condition of painting. The painting-immanent arrangement becomes visible through fine, color-intensive lines from the lower layers, which are brought into the foreground.
In addition to the light and its constant companion, the shadow, the line becomes a fundamental element in her work. Especially in the spatial objects, the interest of the line in its relationship to space becomes clear. In contrast to traditional plastic, whose mass volumes form a closed surface from solid materials and delimit the surrounding space, lines in Blumenstein's neon light and aluminum works dynamically traverse the space so that the resulting structures appear immaterial, almost weightless. The feeling of space that emanates from the linear, open structures is typical of her three-dimensional work.

Antje Blumenstein was born in Dresden in 1967 and lives in Berlin. After studying graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (1991-94), she studied painting and graphics at the HfBK Dresden (1994-97), 1997-99 as a master class student with Prof. Eberhard Bosslet.