Soloshow (painting and other media)

Opening on Friday, 7. December 2018, 6-9 pm
8. til 21 December 2018 and 2. til 5. January 2019 (by appointment only)

American painter Matt McClune has been working on reductive color paintings in his adopted home of Burgundy, France for over a decade. Frequently inspired by the local landscape and light, McClune sees his works as “complex personalities”; each painting with its own façade and interior, often shifting in hue depending on changes of light or viewer’s position.
While consistently maintaining a common thread with his color paintings, McClune additionally works with found objects, photo and light to explore related ideas, often suggesting new directions for the paintings.  This, Matt’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, will include several paintings as well as other media.

Matt McClune was born 1973 in Worcester, MA, USA. Since 20114 he lives und works in St. Romain in Burgundy, France.